About Loulen

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Loulen Studio creates unique, durable totes of all shapes, over-the-shoulder purses and accessories including belts, fabric bracelets, key lanyards, zippered pouches, sachets, computer sleeves, eye pillows and pillows. All items are hand-cut and pieced from meticulously chosen high-quality cottons and linens.

In the Beginning    Loulen Studio began slowly and grew organically. My background is in Fine Arts (textiles, sculpture and interdisciplinary media). When my son was born in 2004, I decided on a more “down-to-earth” path and began to create practical  and one-of-a-kind items such as hats, scarves, cozies and totes.

Still in the art world with a couple of toes, I finished a large scale grant project, which involved a lot of sewing and hand stitching. I found this way of working with my hands extremely satisfying and I continued afterwards to design and create sewing projects.  It is very gratifying to come up with and make practical items. I love the idea that they are “used, worn and worn out”. At first I re-used wool sweaters, clothes and blankets and made hats, cozies, pillows, blankets and totes. I soon found it too limiting to use just recycled and vintage materials so I added printed cotton and linen fabrics. With the help of an artist friend, Anna Yee of Ginkgo – Designs,  I started selling at local farmers markets and art fairs.


Mix and Match    Trained as a textile artist, I consistently return to design periods that inspire me: the 1920’s, early Modernism and Bauhaus and some Danish Modern. I studied Japanese and Indian textile histories and have a deep admiration for both the process and the work itself. I often include traditional Japanese Indigo-died textiles or Indian wood block prints into my designs.

My style of selecting textiles for Loulen Studio has evolved over time and with market research on the fly at farmer’s markets and with input from many customers. I don’t shy away from combining otherwise very different or even opposing patterns and colors in one bag to create unusual and unique products.

Work in Progress    I see the evolution of Loulen Studio as a work in progress. No design is etched in stone. We change styles and patterns frequently. And I really do have a passion for the process and in attending to the details – from the seams to the prints of my fabrics. Almost all the fabrics are pre-washed to remove any sizing. I use the smallest possible stitches and double stitch where needed. All the bags are lined with a durable interfacing to give them better form. Most important, I choose high-quality fabrics so that the bags withstand daily use. I often ask customers to give me feedback and have adjusted straps, size of the bags and materials accordingly.

Here at Loulen Studio, with two very part time employees, Walmaria and Dana, and a great sales guy and husband, Chris, we are excited about Loulen’s next endeavors. We look forward to improving and expanding our designs.